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bic lightersBiC Lighters Wholesale - Shipping Worldwide

Need a smoke? You can’t do without a lighter then. So, here you are at BicLightersWholesale.com to get the best of lighters in the world, Bic lighter. You get bic lighters here for the best price ever and if you get in bulk then you have it all for the price that you never get elsewhere. Buy bic lighters in wholesale!!!

Lighters are essential if you would wish to have a puff or even smoke your day out. Of all the lighters found, Bic lighters are simply the best in their design and function. Bic lighters are made in unique designs that come in catchy and assorted colors.  This lighter is the number one lighter in the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia and Canada. Bic lighters are also multi-purpose lighters. They come in a wide range of colors like red, yellow, blue, black, white etc. Get these different colored wonderfully designed lighters for wholesale and save a lot of money. Earn and burn. Get and light. Buy the bic for it serves you the best.
bic lighters
Why don’t you buy it wholesale with the display tray filled with bic lighters in assorted colors and make the best out of it? BicLightersWholesale.com is the site that gives you the best lighter. Find your best tray now with these bic lighters that are maxi cigarette tobacco lighters. They have the best quality known. These are portable, light in weight, have wonderful designs and colors.
bic lighters

Why you should buy BiC lighters wholesale?

You can get your flame with just a spark that is created by striking against the metal part. This flame is all you wanted from a lighter. Lighters were made with naphtha in the beginning. Now, Butane lighters are used. A spark is produced while striking against the metal part of the lighter. This metal part compresses a piezoelectric crystal which causes the electric arc. This electric arc in turn produces the flammable gas present to come up and give you the flame. The flammable gas here is the butane gas. The gas is guarded by a safe covering. Butane lighters produce the flame as long as the valve or the metal is pressed. Once released, the flame goes off. The whole process happens as a person presses the valve.
Bic lighters are made in attractive deigns that are imprinted on its shell that add to its demand. These lighters are made with child resistant feature and hence it is very safe to be used at home as well. This child guard design is exclusive.
bic lightersbic lighters wholesale

BiC Lighters Features

bic lighters

BiC Lighters Shopping Online

What more could be interesting about a lighter?  Bic has it all for you and we have Bic for a great price.

Buy lighters for a cheap price and make the best of it.Why wait at all now? Call us right away from anywhere and simply place an order immediately to get your bic lighters in wholesale. Wholesale bic lighters with imprinted designs and colors are available for the best price just here and most importantly, we do shipping globally just for you.

For wholesale and retail inquiries, please contact us at:

24 Hour Customer Service: (800) 277-5204
Direct Sales Hotline: 1.213.985.2399
Email: orders@shoptegrity.com

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